Bottle Strap Fix

Does anyone have their own fix for the Nalgene bottle strap breaking?

I carry my bottle exclusively by the strap, and I’ve broken them before and need a solution to the flimsy Nalgene cap straps. I saw this while searching, but don’t really have the patience for it. But if it is the only answer I may just go ahead and give it a try, anyone else has their own custom Nalgene bottles?
What do you do when your vintage Nalgene with BPA has a broken cap strap? Fix it with paracord!
paracord strap replacementParacord is durable, cheap and has a nice feel to it so it is ideal for a cap loop that will get lots of use. The strap to my Nalgene cap finally broke. I cut off the broken end piece. Find or cut an appropriate length of paracord. I used what I had already cut from my remains. I wanted to make sure that the cap did not hit the table when in the open position. I suggest also adding 3 times the loop’s length for braiding of the strap for a good starting point for the initial rope length.

slip knots

Paracord fits snugly in the flange at the top of the cap. Create a slip knot (fisherman’s knot) at one end of the rope. You want to make sure that this is a tight knot so that the rope does not fall off the top. Tie a figure 8 knot and tighten appropriately so that the loop can freely rotate when tightening the cap while also not falling off while carrying by the loop. A Monkey’s fist at end of the rope because this is a reused scrap of rope and because monkey’s fists are awesome and annoying to untie. From here tune the length of the strap to obtain a desired length. I did not want the cap to touch the table when in the open position. After this has been done choose if you want a thicker stiffer strap. If so try a variety of braiding methods to get the desired feel and stiffness. I tried about 5 different versions before settling on this version. Take the working end and thread it up to the cap and create a series of figure 8s to create the braid.

I have created many projects with paracord over the past 40 years and most of them predate the Internet.