Crampon Hack

Crampons are a must have if you plan to brave the elements! The traction crampons provide is absolutely paramount to safety when traversing on ice, or climbing steep rocky inclines.

cramponsHome-Made Ice-Claws Won’t Crampon Your Style
ice claws
Snowed in? Sick of a winter where nothing but permafrost and ice stretch ahead of you until the spring thaw? Then you might consider buying some crampons. Better still, why not make your own, like Instructables member Kresimir Pregernik? And even better than that, why not give them a bad-ass name, like ice claws?

Pregernik’s ice claws are dead simple. Just take a t-section bracket/plate, and screw in a few rust-proof screws (galvanized steel is a good option). To stop them unscrewing, Pregernik soldered them in place. Then simply place them under your boots, locate the screw-heads between the grips of the shoes and strap into place. A bicycle toe-strap would be a good choice here, as it’s both secure and quick to remove.

Repeat for the other shoe and then head out into the snow, laughing as your hapless fellow pedestrians – less resourceful than you – slip and fall.

Going by Pregernik’s article, he really stress-tested his home-made ice-claws. He’s walking on steep ground, in a forest, covered with thick, slippery ice. And he’s taking photographs. That, on its own, is pretty bad-ass.