Today we are going back to the basic of Custom Paracord with, How to join paracord together using the Manny Method.

This video is from Paracord guild on YouTube. The video and instructions are clear. This is basic must know skill in the world of paracord braiding.

A while ago, a friend of mine asked me about how he can join two paracords together securely. And this method comes into mind. And I wanted to share this method to all others who are still trying to figure out a secured way to join these pieces.

This method is made by Manny Zambrano and let’s all be thankful to him for this really nice method. Also this method will require you to prep some things and use a lacing needle to join the cords. But don’t worry, it is very easy to do and the video explains everything you needed to finish the project.

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Let’s go back to the basic of Custom Paracord again with the 7 essential knots you need to know.

This video is from  is from InnerBark Outdoors on YouTube. It is really nice how he used bigger cords to show the procedure which made it easier to see.

These are 7 essential knots you need to know if you carry a paracord with you. Although you can learn these knots while you are following some of the tutorials here, it is still nice to know and identify those knots (not to mention how to tie it).

Also, if you plan on creating your own paracord styles these knots will come in handy as you can spruce them up to make your own. Let your imagination run wild for a bit there.


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